Poem: Ode to a Life Well Lived

Let the breeze wash over you,
Enjoin with the world,
Feel its wondrous embrace.
It holds great wisdom.
The blood of life flows within it.
Both kind and unforgiving,
Patient yet ruthless.
The clouds pass by,
Allowing storms in turn.

Dreamer not yet awake,
Feel the passage of time,
Murky and clear in swirling tides.
Truth and lies offer themselves to you.
The stories they tell,
Whisper of realities not known,
Yet truly familiar.

With barefoot feet,
Take in what is given.
Energy ebbing and rising,
In tempestuous rhythm.
The strings and drum,
Call to your soul,
To join in the earths dance.
Beating with chaos and order.

Hear the minstrels song,
With lute and hurdy gurdy,
Telling tales of men and far off places,
Of love, loss, and women,
With beauty, pain, and duty.
The tune drifting,
Across moments and eras,
Stealing away time,
And giving back rest.
Taking reminiscence,
And bringing longing.

Give ode to the bard, poet, and painter.
The collectors of golden joys,
And silver sufferings,
The price paid
Of a life well lived,
And a globe embraced.

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