Poem: Even in Twilight

Even in twilight,Light can reflect,In various ways,Creating a sparkling contentedness,With its beauty and shine. Shed the negative constraints,Of the world around you.Leave behind the weights,That follow you like a cloak,Wearing you further away. Look for the bright spots,That call out to you,Asking for your presence,Waiting for you to join them,Joyful abandon. Step into the stream,Of … Continue reading Poem: Even in Twilight

Poem: Renewal of the Rural

With the sunset of the city,The sun rises once more on the country,Places of pride for simple ambitions,To live in the fresh air,With the space to grow food,And enjoy the earth.Cancerous thoughts,Have brought low the urban,Loss of activities and more,Burning infernos,Rolling through the streets,Of the skyscraper horizon.Yet new opportunities ariseFor the once deserted towns,Across the … Continue reading Poem: Renewal of the Rural

Poem: Hey Verdant Morn

Hey verdant morn,Is this what you asked for,Are you proud of your war,Fought in the streets and suburbia?Do you see the destruction wrought,And the innocence lost?Far worse than the depths of hell,For the bystanders caught in the violent net,That we call this search of glory,And superiority.Shall you believe that you are better,For admitting your faults,Or … Continue reading Poem: Hey Verdant Morn

Poem: Let the Music Lift You

Let the music lift you,Let yourself drift away,Into another world of energy,Let the world transcend,Into another dimension,Of life, death, love, and more.This immutable yet ever changing energy,That binds us in time and rhythm,To the scenes we have lived,To the flashes yet to come,And to the lives that never shall be,Held by the souls currently here.May … Continue reading Poem: Let the Music Lift You

Poem: Ode to the Daisy Pushers

Let's speak of the daisy pushers,Those who have fallen before,To form the path in front of us.Those of the earth,Once risen with the day,Now in eternal sleep,Keep the tomes of the unknown,From those who stay awake.They lend to you wisdom,And the fleeting knowledge of the end.Many have traversed their path,Rather few have come back,From the … Continue reading Poem: Ode to the Daisy Pushers

Poem: Where is the Bottom Rung?

Where does the line begin or end?When can we say we won,Or celebrate a victory?It seems the road never ends,And the journey continues forever.Do you feel behind or superior?Where do you walk along the ground?The crowd walks by faster,Calling out for others to follow,But refuse to show the way.They shove their way forward,But don't lend … Continue reading Poem: Where is the Bottom Rung?