Poem: Renewal of the Rural

With the sunset of the city,The sun rises once more on the country,Places of pride for simple ambitions,To live in the fresh air,With the space to grow food,And enjoy the earth.Cancerous thoughts,Have brought low the urban,Loss of activities and more,Burning infernos,Rolling through the streets,Of the skyscraper horizon.Yet new opportunities ariseFor the once deserted towns,Across the … Continue reading Poem: Renewal of the Rural

Poem: Hey Verdant Morn

Hey verdant morn,Is this what you asked for,Are you proud of your war,Fought in the streets and suburbia?Do you see the destruction wrought,And the innocence lost?Far worse than the depths of hell,For the bystanders caught in the violent net,That we call this search of glory,And superiority.Shall you believe that you are better,For admitting your faults,Or … Continue reading Poem: Hey Verdant Morn

Poem: Path of the Anxious Mind

Racing, turning in a loop,Agitated and alert,Looking for the danger,Threatening from nonexistence,As a hamster in wheel,Trapped and unable to leave,Or a train barreling down a track.Give it another route,To roll softly down a hill,But watch for it running back,Onto its original path.It will try to return,So keep vigilant,And give your mind,Another topic to focus on.It … Continue reading Poem: Path of the Anxious Mind