Poem: To Your Pains and Gains

To your failures and triumphs,To your pains and gains,May you celebrate all,That you have faced,This year and those past.For they spur you on,They grant you the strength,To stride to greater heights,Regardless of the gaps. Acknowledge the lessons,From the lack of success,For they bring you closer,To your ultimate goal,For you cannot fail,Without first trying,Thus victory requires … Continue reading Poem: To Your Pains and Gains

Poem: Sparks of Magic

In chocolate rivers,In meadows of coffee,And in hills of tea,Dreams swirl around,Beckoning forth spirits,And whispers of worlds,That we yearn for yet cannot see. At holidays and high days,We connect to the realm,Of the ethereal and intangible,Of the past and that which is to come. With sunshine and candlelight,With the chime of bells,And the crackling of … Continue reading Poem: Sparks of Magic

Poem: Dreams and Celebrations

Dreams are a little touch of fantasy,A portal through which we view,Another realm, another world,Of magic and growth. There are but a few times of the year,Where we can visit dreams while awake,With joy and hope,As if as a child. With the anticipation,We gain wonder and awe,While we count down the days,To the coming celebration. … Continue reading Poem: Dreams and Celebrations