HOA’s and Alternative Gardening

After attending a Master Gardener Gardening Seminar recently, I have been thinking of HOAs (Homeowners Associations) and their role in protecting the land, water, and air via gardening. In many HOAs (not necessarily all), there are strict rules and regulations regarding a home and its outward appearance to the neighborhood. These are almost always in … Continue reading HOA’s and Alternative Gardening

Gardens: Shows of Wealth and Power

When watching Monty Don's Italian Gardens, great gardens showcased in and around Rome reveal an era where many of the most powerful men at the time showed off their power through building grand gardens. Monty Don expresses the idea that the era was probably the only one in history where the better and bigger the … Continue reading Gardens: Shows of Wealth and Power

Home Decor: Rediscovering Past Favorites

A little while ago, I watched a video about resale shops and the host talked to one particular store. It mentioned that there are certain things that the shop doesn't want or accept and that oddly enough includes dishware. I find that interesting since I found solid white dishware that can be put in the … Continue reading Home Decor: Rediscovering Past Favorites

Architectural Associations

People have affinities for a particular architectural style. When they go to buy or rent a house, they look to see if it matches their sense of aesthetic. Does it seem cozy, or clean, opulent, or Spartan? Different qualities are attributed to various styles, each depending on the person viewing the architecture. However, some common … Continue reading Architectural Associations