Poem: Dreaming, Preparing

Dreaming, preparing,For the whirlwind ahead.The sands of time begin to swirl,As your foot inches forth.Step into the breeze.Allow the winds of change,Brush across you. Do you hear the whispers,The portents of that which is to come?They sing and call,To those who will listen.The glistening sparks,Draw you to the knowledge they share.The scale changes tone,Heralding the … Continue reading Poem: Dreaming, Preparing

Poem: For your Regal Bearing

Lost and wading through the quicksand,Finding an oasis,A place of peace.Let a spirit guide you,Through troubles and strife,To a serene space.Wear a crown,As you stride amidst a battle.For your regal bearing,Carries you through,All that would press against you,With ferocity and anger.Step forth noble one,Towards your royal throne,And take your proper place,Amongst the golden realm.