Poem: Ode to the Vestigial

Ode to the vestigial, To the products of obsolescence, That remain in quiet dignity. They sit waiting, For our curious or grateful greetings. We have visited the newer halls, Those with fresh functions. Their majordomos have confused us. We turn away,Bewildered by their demands,New to us,Those who are so knowledgeable. Thus, we traverse to the … Continue reading Poem: Ode to the Vestigial

Poem: What Title Do You Claim?

So you've taken control,You demand respect,Saying that this is for their own good.They cry out against you,You rebuff their replies,Claiming they are evil,While you steal their lives. What title do you claim,With such greedy claws?Perhaps emperor,Or premier.No? Simply minister perhaps?A minister for yourSecular crusade,And veneered tyranny. You silence their champions,With snake-like flair,To destroy their ambitions,At … Continue reading Poem: What Title Do You Claim?

Poem: Ode to the Highwaymen

Ode to the highwaymen,Riding on their steel steeds.The black clouds roll in,A storm blowing strong.With a grim grin,And tilting their head,They stare down the horizon.The fires at their back,And the kingsmen in front,Lying in wait,Down the mountain path.The forest going silent,Holding its breath,For the showdown to come. O highwaymen,Take your natural due,As you follow your … Continue reading Poem: Ode to the Highwaymen

Poem: Declared an Outlaw

So you have been declared an outlaw,For sitting where you want,And making some noise.They declare you evil,Since you resist their will.Louder the crowd grows,In cheers for your side.The king and his men,Instead hear jeers.They call you disobedient,And tell you to obey.The order of the day:Do what we say. May you hear the songs sung,By the … Continue reading Poem: Declared an Outlaw

Poem: Anticipation of Rhythms

To dream of glittering nights, Of crisp air, Awaiting the transformation of rain into willing earth. This anticipation of rhythmsBleeds to and fro in our souls. The ledge of nature, We rest upon, Expecting a push,And receiving a gentle drop. A misstep caused,By switched signs of the seasons. Still time rolls and carries on. It … Continue reading Poem: Anticipation of Rhythms

Poem: The Context Gives the Magnitude

The context gives the magnitude,After all for a small child,Half a nation away,Two planes crashing into buildings,Doesn't mean much anyway. For the adults in the room,Gravity strikes with horror,Anger and disbelief.To ask the question of why,An understanding of the significance,Must be available. The importance passing on,Through bells and remembrances,Through monuments and sacrifice.We teach to impart,The … Continue reading Poem: The Context Gives the Magnitude