Poem: Anticipation of Rhythms

To dream of glittering nights, Of crisp air, Awaiting the transformation of rain into willing earth. This anticipation of rhythmsBleeds to and fro in our souls. The ledge of nature, We rest upon, Expecting a push,And receiving a gentle drop. A misstep caused,By switched signs of the seasons. Still time rolls and carries on. It … Continue reading Poem: Anticipation of Rhythms

Poem: The Context Gives the Magnitude

The context gives the magnitude,After all for a small child,Half a nation away,Two planes crashing into buildings,Doesn't mean much anyway. For the adults in the room,Gravity strikes with horror,Anger and disbelief.To ask the question of why,An understanding of the significance,Must be available. The importance passing on,Through bells and remembrances,Through monuments and sacrifice.We teach to impart,The … Continue reading Poem: The Context Gives the Magnitude

Poem: Earthy Shine

Straddling two worlds,Of country and sophistication,Of rugged life,And glittering crystals.Loving the two parts of my soul,Earthy shine,Sparkles out of my eyes.Twirling between a two-step and waltz.Longing for the harmonica and harp.Holding hands with rough diamonds,Joining in the songs of their hearts.Hoping to keep full of contented contrasts,And grounded fire,Until all is said and done.

Poem: Until the Sun Rises Once More

Smoke arising,Into the crisp air,Feeling the heat of the fire,Rising up your face.Gaze out into the dark forest,Waiting for something,To look back at you.Music playing at your feet,Begging you to dance along.The summer night breeze,Singing a tune of mystery.Scarves and skirts,Twirling and twisting,To follow the world's rhythm,While the moon leads,Until the suns rises once more.

Poem: Capture of Life in Contentment

Speaking, singing from the chest,Pounding of the blood,In the ears and soul.Can you follow this torrential rhythm,Begging for release?Do you let it loose,Upon the fruitful world,With complete abandon of your sense of time?Can you give out your joy and celebration?Do you feel the words,Ready to pour forth,On those willing to share,Your capture of life in … Continue reading Poem: Capture of Life in Contentment

Poem: Take a Step in the Right Direction

Take a step in the right direction,With strength and sturdy foot.The pressure tries to push you,Where you did not intend to go.Learn the path back,Towards your goal in mind. Gather the resources.Prepare the journey.There is a long way ahead,For you to travel.While the destination is unknown,You cannot stay in this valley,Of liminal space.The threshold must … Continue reading Poem: Take a Step in the Right Direction

Poem: For Joyous Celebration

Streets are running,People jumping for a chance,For action, for joyous celebration;To call out to others,'Many blessings upon you'.While we experience the pain,And the sadness of life,We acknowledge the possibilities,The love, the hope, and joy,That we can find,In our living journey.The presence of others,Who give us strength,Join us to express the happiness,Of our existence and life.

Poem: Walking Through the Gap

Walking through the gap,With cliffs on either side.The turns and twists bewilder the unsuspecting,Through well-made illusions,Calling forth your greatest emotions and hope.Denying the path laid before you,Do you run astray from your desired goal?Or do you find your own journey,One with a sure foot,And sturdy step?Mind those and that which call away,To other shadows,To cause … Continue reading Poem: Walking Through the Gap