Poem: Welcome the Creative Conservator

Welcome the bard, Welcome the troubadour, Welcome the creative conservator. Holding onto nostalgia with a cover band, Painting the moment, preserving the present, Strum the string, play the bow, Capture the feelings, Spread them forth, Connecting together thoughts and friends, Weaving community, art, and more. Keeping time held within, To hold the essence of the … Continue reading Poem: Welcome the Creative Conservator

Poem: Connecting to a Storm

Thunder pounding, rolling, building, Bursting, feel the striking within, Energy current flowing through Power crackling, from my fingers out, Connecting with the storm outside, Blood drumming in concert rhythm, Eerie sky crackles loudly, Heart expanding to meet the power, Letting loose a howl to match the wind, Rushing strength, flowing freedom, Exhilaration of the world … Continue reading Poem: Connecting to a Storm

Poem: The Energy of a Forge

The hammering and the striking, The bellows blow, maintaining a fire, Up down, the air flows, Forming, building, crafting more, Hear the ringing, Life blood pounding, flowing. Shield and shovel born within, Sword and sickle repaired once more, Tools of life or death given form. Within these walls the master works. Both a science and … Continue reading Poem: The Energy of a Forge

Poem: Born walking forward

Born walking forward, Life moving crystalline, Sharp edges, soft curves, No matter where the road goes. Step one, then many more, Some fore, others aft, Always shifting with the wind, Keeping an eye on the clouds. Building, working, forming, Grab the wheel, strike the hammer, Feel the weight, And keep the path. Guiding star above … Continue reading Poem: Born walking forward