Poem: Until the Sun Rises Once More

Smoke arising,Into the crisp air,Feeling the heat of the fire,Rising up your face.Gaze out into the dark forest,Waiting for something,To look back at you.Music playing at your feet,Begging you to dance along.The summer night breeze,Singing a tune of mystery.Scarves and skirts,Twirling and twisting,To follow the world's rhythm,While the moon leads,Until the suns rises once more.

Poem: Capture of Life in Contentment

Speaking, singing from the chest,Pounding of the blood,In the ears and soul.Can you follow this torrential rhythm,Begging for release?Do you let it loose,Upon the fruitful world,With complete abandon of your sense of time?Can you give out your joy and celebration?Do you feel the words,Ready to pour forth,On those willing to share,Your capture of life in … Continue reading Poem: Capture of Life in Contentment

Poem: Ode to a Life Well Lived

Let the breeze wash over you,Enjoin with the world,Feel its wondrous embrace.It holds great wisdom.The blood of life flows within it.Both kind and unforgiving,Patient yet ruthless.The clouds pass by,Allowing storms in turn. Dreamer not yet awake,Feel the passage of time,Murky and clear in swirling tides.Truth and lies offer themselves to you.The stories they tell,Whisper of … Continue reading Poem: Ode to a Life Well Lived

Poem: Have You Touched The Sunset?

Have you touched the sunset,With its colorful rays?Have you let its energy,Wash over your face?With a guitar strumming,Let the rhythm of life,Guide your steps into a dance.Hear the whispers of timeless loves,Enchant you and your dreams.Step in and out of many realms,Ones of magic and freedom.Out of your core and basic floor,Comes the whirling of … Continue reading Poem: Have You Touched The Sunset?