Poem: Ode to a Life Well Lived

Let the breeze wash over you,Enjoin with the world,Feel its wondrous embrace.It holds great wisdom.The blood of life flows within it.Both kind and unforgiving,Patient yet ruthless.The clouds pass by,Allowing storms in turn. Dreamer not yet awake,Feel the passage of time,Murky and clear in swirling tides.Truth and lies offer themselves to you.The stories they tell,Whisper of … Continue reading Poem: Ode to a Life Well Lived

Poem: Let the Music Lift You

Let the music lift you,Let yourself drift away,Into another world of energy,Let the world transcend,Into another dimension,Of life, death, love, and more.This immutable yet ever changing energy,That binds us in time and rhythm,To the scenes we have lived,To the flashes yet to come,And to the lives that never shall be,Held by the souls currently here.May … Continue reading Poem: Let the Music Lift You

Poem: A Spirit’s Tune and Dance

Side step, one face, then another, Connections differ, grow, change. Stay, hold, let go. Experience, contain, Flip, switch, turn over. Walk through the shadows. Step in and out. Touch the mirror, Pull back. Let the energy flow. Sit and contain within, Pause, then push play. So together we combine and separate, Dancing in rhythm with … Continue reading Poem: A Spirit’s Tune and Dance