Poem: Bridge the Gap

I can feel the chasm growing,
Ever deeper and wider.
How do I bridge the gap?
I cannot figure out how,
But sometimes I wonder,
If I should even bother.
The winds that are blowing,
Keep tearing it down,
As fast as I can try to create it.
I sense a storm coming.
Perhaps I am wrong,
About what lies ahead.
But again I ask the question,
How do we fix the crevasse,
That lies between us?
How do we hold hands once more?
How do we get to
Stand on the same side again?
Do we even listen to the same tunes?
Because it seems like,
We don’t even hear the same things.
So how do we meet in the middle?
Or must I turn away,
And prepare for the coming weather?
Please give me the answer I seek,
And the time to complete the task.

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