Buying Food at a Day, Week, or Year

Recently, I have been buying my groceries once a month rather than the weekly that I was doing before. At the moment, I am trying to determine if it would be reasonable to buy a dehydrator and dehydrate a years worth of onions, peppers, and other veggies. I just thought about how this proposition relies upon the requirement of adequate transportation which is usually a car. In rural areas, even in Europe, a car is often necessary for life and for getting groceries especially. To get more than a couple of bags worth means that you have a way to get that food home. So a large amount of the US requires a car. On the other side of the equation, this idea is completely ludicrous if you live in a city where you walk everywhere.

When I studied abroad in Spain, I generally ate at the residence hall or at the cafeteria. There was a point that I went to the grocery store with my British friend so I could make her some taco salad. I can’t help but think about the idea of trying to take more than a couple of bags home in that city. It would have completely uncomfortable and absolutely impractical. If I was still in the city that I was in, I would think someone was crazy if they wanted to do what I am considering. So this idea is very much a rural idea.

It can definitely be interesting to look at the annual cost of food and in what categories. Personally, I eat a lot of tomatoes. That is one major section of my regular groceries. So it is weird to look at whether buying my groceries less frequently ensures that I spend less over the course of a year. I still have to work it out but it looks like that could be the case. What do you think of buying most of your groceries for the year within a few months and then buying very little the remainder of the year? Have you done something like this? Please answer below with your comments and thanks for reading.

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