Poems: Musings of a Raven’s Call

Can you hear the ravens call,
Echoing across the fields?
As time marches forth,
Muse on the changes coming,
In the turn of the air.

The crisp autumn winds blow,
Brushing my face,
And so I look to the west.
Have the ships arrived,
That which bring new tidings,
And old faces.
They greet their loved ones,
Those returning from the sea.
My ancestors stand behind me,
Ever constant.
Yet I long for the tides,
To bring me my own captain,
Who shall guard the port.

As the seasons turn to the cold,
What fires will burn,
To keep the people warm?
Has the harvest proven true?
Can it feed the community,
With its bounty and treasure?
Are there enough shelters,
To enclose everyone?
Did the men raise the fence,
To keep the monsters at bay?
These questions must be answered,
Before winter is to stay.

Spring and its wondrous sights,
Seem so far off,
And merely twinkling in the distance.
The present must be acknowledged,
With its pleasures and troubles.
So we continue to work,
And take the world day by day.
Stop to smell the roses,
And enjoy the sunrise.
Accept the pains that trouble you,
And know that they shall pass.
So grieve and laugh,
Connect your soul,
To the time at hand.
For that is all we have.

I hear the ravens cry,
And I cut my musings short,
To spend my night,
In the realm of dreams.

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