Poem: Let the Music Lift You

Let the music lift you,
Let yourself drift away,
Into another world of energy,
Let the world transcend,
Into another dimension,
Of life, death, love, and more.
This immutable yet ever changing energy,
That binds us in time and rhythm,
To the scenes we have lived,
To the flashes yet to come,
And to the lives that never shall be,
Held by the souls currently here.
May it connect you to the spirits,
Of the world and its inhabitants.
May the dark and light touch you for awhile,
Before passing you along,
In a series of tunes and notes.
May you visit times and places,
Both within and without your reach.
May friends, family, enemies and strangers,
With their presence within the score of the earth,
Give you the gift of feeling,
All the deepest reaches of emotion,
And their highest heights,
So that you may know all,
That the universe may offer,
To one such as you.

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