Poem: Lost Confusion

Lost confusion.
Where do you follow?
Where do you lead?
Do you take the whispering advice?
With the swirling colors,
The insecurity takes you.

So you must take a step,
Forward or aft,
Into the whirling tides,
Of life and energy,
Provided by the world.

Now you have chosen a path,
Have you made all the difference,
And if so, is it for the best?
Can you change the ripples,
That you have cast?
Can you avoid the ledge,
If you cannot sense the edge?

Thus we amble aimlessly,
In the belief that we are on the roadway.
Whether we are or not,
Matters little,
So long as we remain on the ground.
Therefore I say,
Keep a compass and an atlas,
On your path,
But do not forget to rest,
And rejoice in the earth.

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