Dreams and Patience

So this post is going to diverge from my normal cooking and poetry posts. Now that I have said that, let me venture into the world of dreams and patience. I am currently playing the Chateau Diaries complete playlist in the background at the moment. If you have no idea what I am talking about, please look for the YouTube channel of the same name. Seriously, it is lovely. Regardless, the life that Stephanie lives is 90% my dream. I say 90% because I want to have that but with a Victorian mansion in the rural Midwest. I love the fact that she has a large enough home where her friends can come and stay to enjoy themselves. She has workshops and retreats (currently in limited Covid capacity, I feel I should add) where people with various talents spend their time at her home. While I am sure that there are going to be frustrations, I feel that the positives and contentment of life would far outweigh any negativity from arguments or unhappy guests. Of course that might just be the escapism talking. Regardless, as far as I can tell, I would like a life that is somewhat similar. Now while others may easily understand the desire for a similar house life, they may feel that the Midwest is rather boring. This confuses me greatly. There are many people who would say that there is nothing to do in the rural Midwest (even people who live there) but somehow to them the French countryside is romantic and charming. I do not understand how the Midwest countryside is boring but rural areas in Europe are lovely. I feel that I am digressing a bit from the title of this post. So I shall bring the post back to it shortly. I wish to provide a lovely hideaway in the Midwest similar to Chateau de Lalande and give people a different idea of what the Midwest could be with a bit of imagination. But that dream is a bit far away at the moment.

So where does that leave me? After all, I don’t have the money for a piece of land, let alone a large Victorian mansion in need of renovations, since that is what I would prefer. This is where patience comes in. I have to know that it will take time to raise funds for my dreams and while I have ideas of how to work my way there, it is not going to be an immediate success. It will be a long way off. I have to keep my eye on the target and work on smaller goals. For me this means starting a side business to earn extra money beyond my day job. This side business would hopefully transition to the larger goal in the future. Regardless, I have to have patience. I can work on the small things like learning new skills even when the larger tasks are out of reach. Some may say that you need to seize the moment and while that is true, even Rome wasn’t built in a day. I know that I can work towards creating the opportunities that I need and remember to grasp them when they appear. I personally have always found a dissatisfaction with looking at the negative constantly. I find it better to look beyond the terrible situation and look for a practical solution. Again, I digress. My apologies. So, knowing that I have a large and perhaps unattainable dream to some, I have to work on the small practicalities that I can immediately do as well as look at inspiration like the Chateau Diaries. Perhaps the greatest thing about being an adult is that we are given permission to live our lives however we wish. It is perhaps the saddest thing that we lose the ability to dream the way we did as kids. When you are an adult, you have the capacity to put money and energy towards things you were told you couldn’t do as a kid, even if that is just camping in your backyard or eating dessert for breakfast. Do you look back at your childhood self and make your life something that your younger self would adore? If not, then what small thing can you do that your child self wished it could? Do you find it difficult to have patience with your dreams? If so, how do you keep your goals in mind? Please answer below with your comments and thanks for reading.

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