Poem: Dreaming, Preparing

Dreaming, preparing,For the whirlwind ahead.The sands of time begin to swirl,As your foot inches forth.Step into the breeze.Allow the winds of change,Brush across you. Do you hear the whispers,The portents of that which is to come?They sing and call,To those who will listen.The glistening sparks,Draw you to the knowledge they share.The scale changes tone,Heralding the … Continue reading Poem: Dreaming, Preparing

Poem: Dreams and Celebrations

Dreams are a little touch of fantasy,A portal through which we view,Another realm, another world,Of magic and growth. There are but a few times of the year,Where we can visit dreams while awake,With joy and hope,As if as a child. With the anticipation,We gain wonder and awe,While we count down the days,To the coming celebration. … Continue reading Poem: Dreams and Celebrations

Poem: Set Your Sails

Step across the lands,Held out before you.Look over the treasures,Produced by other hands.Pick out a delight,That you may enjoy.There are many to be had,And experienced in full.Multiple people will try,To drag you away,To face their worries and sorrows.Push upon their thumbs,And flee their negativity.Enjoy the moment,Held within the present.Plan for a brighter future,And set your … Continue reading Poem: Set Your Sails