Poem: Earthy Shine

Straddling two worlds,Of country and sophistication,Of rugged life,And glittering crystals.Loving the two parts of my soul,Earthy shine,Sparkles out of my eyes.Twirling between a two-step and waltz.Longing for the harmonica and harp.Holding hands with rough diamonds,Joining in the songs of their hearts.Hoping to keep full of contented contrasts,And grounded fire,Until all is said and done.

Poem: Capture of Life in Contentment

Speaking, singing from the chest,Pounding of the blood,In the ears and soul.Can you follow this torrential rhythm,Begging for release?Do you let it loose,Upon the fruitful world,With complete abandon of your sense of time?Can you give out your joy and celebration?Do you feel the words,Ready to pour forth,On those willing to share,Your capture of life in … Continue reading Poem: Capture of Life in Contentment

Poem: To speak and think

To speak and think, To walk and stand. Go and pause. Process the world before you, Forward and aft. Questions to guide, Answers to filter out. Society of flags changing, And planting anew. Thus allowing statements of perspective, Valued by verbal discourse, And entertained by thoughts. Let your mind wander through. Disassemble and construct once … Continue reading Poem: To speak and think