Poem: Stepping into Certain Shoes

They ask you to step into certain shoes,
While avoiding others themselves.
What would it take to remember,
Those that they scorn?
To stop denying them a face,
To be willing to hear their side?
They call others selfish and thoughtless.
Yet how mindlessly do they follow.

I try to remember my own faults,
And the areas that I forget,
To pause in my judgment,
And question to find out more.
I am aware that I can fail,
In this and other endeavors,
That I have anger and hurt within,
Which I must process,
Before I respond.

So then where do we find ourselves,
On separate sides of a divide?
Do we give in to the other?
Does one submit in surrender?
Or do we turn our backs,
Or open up our ears?
Perhaps we just need to take a step forth.
Who knows the path forward,
And that which joins us together?

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