Holiday Treats Via Electricity

Now I have mentioned before the amazing capacity of electricity when it comes to cooking. It allows us to complete tasks that we would not have even considered without it. For example, over the course of a few weekends I am making holiday treats for friends and family. Mind you, most of them have no idea that these treats are coming. They are meant to be a surprise. Regardless, I am making 6 different types of treats. Half of them are cookies. How many of each treat that the person/group gets depends on who they are going to. For example, there are three sets of treats that are only cookies because they have to get mailed and therefore must not require refrigeration. Others are getting Oreo truffles in two different flavors as well as another refrigeration treat in addition to cookies. Now this sounds rather extravagant/energy intensive and it is.

This idea of making holiday treats would not have even crossed my mind last year. Seriously, if someone had told me that I would be attempting this feat, I would have been incredibly skeptical. So, why am I trying to make 6 different types of treats for 11 people/groups of people? Because I have the power of electricity in my hands. Since last Christmas, I have gained the wonderful tool known as a hand mixer and one with all of its attachments at that. Now, I used to have a hand mixer but one that only had the corkscrew style attachments. It didn’t have the whisk attachments which generally speaking are the most used out of all of them. What that meant was that I pretty much had to mix any batter or dough by hand and that is rather tiresome. But now I have a hand mixer with the whisks and can make as many doughs and batters as I feel like cleaning up after. Now if only I had a dishwasher. I would be unstoppable. Sorry, I digress. With the hand-mixer, it becomes much less labor intensive to make the treats in the first place. You may be wondering what happens once I make the treats. The answer to that is another electrical appliance: the freezer.

I plan on making one or two types of treats every weekend. In between, I keep the treats in the freezer, ensuring that I don’t overwhelm myself by making too many treats at once. When I am done making the treats, the ones that are getting mailed will be sent out and the remaining treats will stay in my freezer until I head home for the holidays. Then, I can give them to their recipients. I am already partway done with this endeavor and I am pretty pleased with how well this is going. Do you have any holiday treats planned? Do you want to surprise people with treats this year? Please answer below with your comments and thanks for reading.

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