Poem: To speak and think

To speak and think,
To walk and stand.
Go and pause.
Process the world before you,
Forward and aft.
Questions to guide,
Answers to filter out.
Society of flags changing,
And planting anew.
Thus allowing statements of perspective,
Valued by verbal discourse,
And entertained by thoughts.
Let your mind wander through.
Disassemble and construct once more,
This assemblage of parts and pieces.
Discover what remains are left,
And the object of your creation.
Ensure all sides are faceted,
Not complete by any means.
Adaptation and renewal will surface,
In this and many others.
So grasp your way to a new place,
You may return later on,
To worlds already visited,
Yet somehow fresh in the light and shadows.
Celebrate and mourn how ye will,
With this understanding and beliefs of the senses.

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