Poem: A Spirit’s Tune and Dance

Side step, one face, then another,
Connections differ, grow, change.
Stay, hold, let go.
Experience, contain,
Flip, switch, turn over.
Walk through the shadows.
Step in and out.
Touch the mirror,
Pull back.
Let the energy flow.
Sit and contain within,
Pause, then push play.

So together we combine and separate,
Dancing in rhythm with each other.
One forward, another aft.
And thus the music plays our toes.
Fire in center, water flowing,
Wind blowing, earth underneath.
Hearts drumming in time,
As we beat our path in life,
With the echoes of the past,
Forming the ripples of that to come.
Gazing, twirling, until we are dizzy.

Grab and hold on.
The notes will end,
Our journey reaches its destination,
Sun to our back.
Lanterns on the horizon,
Welcoming us home.
Spirits stand aloft,
Ready to fiddle a new tune,
For those yet to leave,
On their own adventures,
Keeping with them the spoken tales,
Of legend and lore.

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