Inner Child vs. Adult Brain

I think that most people have an inner child of some kind. I should clarify that the inner child is the part of you that is impulsive and wants to do silly/ridiculous things. The adult brain is mostly what society, family, and friends have told you about how to be a grownup. Mostly but not completely. Either way, I think that most people have both of these things coexisting in your body at all times. It is more that one of the two is in control most of the time. Usually it is the adult brain, and it should be the adult brain. However, that doesn’t mean that the inner child has no place. On the contrary, it should be listened to and allowed to escape now and then.

The inner child is much like a small child. It is impulsive and will find a way to get out regardless of how much you try to suppress it. Now I will admit that there are probably people who have managed to quiet that voice. Others probably listen to the inner child far more than they should. So you have to let it out in small ways that satisfy the childish urges you get. Examples can include buying something stupid that you were wanting for a while. I recently bought Koolaid Jammers Tropical Punch. For those who have no idea what that is, they are juice packets that would routinely show up during my childhood. As an adult, I have to say that they are not the greatest and taste moderately okay. Regardless, I decided to impulsively buy them. That was not the only purchase.

Recently I have been thinking about buying vitamins. I know that my diet probably is deficient in some way and I should try to cover those holes. So vitamins then. Therefore, I went to the store and looked at the vitamins. I am normally drawn to Flintstones or Centrum. Those are the brands that I am most familiar with. Now the adult brain would normally choose the Centrum because that is the adult choice. However, inner child spoke up and said that it wanted the Flintstone Chewables. Yeah… There really wasn’t much my adult brain could use to argue against that brand. Except for maybe six vitamins/minerals, the listed vitamins are nearly identical, including the percentages. The Flintstone vitamins were also slightly cheaper. So yeah, there really wasn’t a lot my adult brain could argue. Besides it was also aware of the fact that it would probably be easier to take them if my inner child liked the vitamins. So I bought the Flintstone vitamins.

So what does that mean then for people with their inner child. Should they give in whenever? No….It means that you can indulge the inner child so long as the adult brain is in charge for the big life decisions and most of the day to day ones. If the adult brain is causing you to create and save an emergency fund, it doesn’t really matter so much that you have decided to buy a frivolous expense because your inner child said so. As long as for the most part you are eating healthy, it is fine to have pie for breakfast once in a while. Side note: that was one of my favorite treats as a child: cold fruit pie for breakfast, especially if it was apple or peach. Back to the plot.

So, if you have an inner child that speaks up and says buy this or eat that, it is not bad to indulge it sometimes so that the impulsiveness doesn’t wreak havoc elsewhere. You may eventually be able to shut up the inner child. I am not really sure. I am a functioning adult child who has an inner child that says buy the kiddie juice and vitamins but has the adult brain that is following a budget well. So right now I have an inner child that I indulge once in a while. I don’t know if that inner child will eventually go away. Do you have an inner child? How often do you listen to it or indulge it? Does it go away? Please answer below with your comments and thanks for reading.

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