Wishing for Cable

I don’t have cable. Even when I was in college and got free cable as part of my dorm setup, I rarely watched cable. I may have watched it a handful of times. So now that I am on my own, I see absolutely no point in paying for a service that I don’t use. I don’t miss it even though I will sometimes enjoy it when I am visiting family. Also, since I don’t have favorite series or shows, I haven’t really found the need for Hulu or Netflix. So yeah, don’t really pay for entertainment beyond internet in general (go YouTube). However, I recently found myself wishing for cable for a single show and possibly a single episode. I shall explain.

So one of my favorite YouTube channels is Recipe Archaeology. I enjoy watching the weird concoctions they create and the repeated heinousness that occurs with their creations. It is not the most popular channel that I watch but I enjoy watching it.  For some context, they make recipes out of old cookbooks, usually but not always, from the 60s or 70s, somewhere around there. They have made a variety of recipes that call for jello or gelatin. Some of which have become pretty good according to their verdict and others, well, they are just heinous (their words). So what does this YouTube channel have to do with my desire to have cable?

Within the last week, Recipe Archaeology announced that one of their hosts was going to be on Chopped. Now I will freely admit that I am not really familiar with the show (see above for my lack of TV affinity). I don’t think that I have actually watched an episode all the way through. However, I reeaallyy want to see an episode with her on the show just because I know what kind of foods that she has attempted and eaten before. Also because of her familiarity with the shenanigans of 60s/70s food, it is even more perfect based on what Wikipedia has listed for the title of the September 3rd show. That show is the one that she will be a contestant on. The name? Brady Bunch Bash. Again, I reallly want to watch this episode.

So yeah, I can’t watch this episode unless it magically appears on Youtube shortly afterwards. : ( Boo… Oh well, I refuse to spend money on a monthly service that I would rarely use.  Maybe I will find someone who can record the episode or is willing to let me use their Hulu/Netflix. I don’t even know if that show is on either of those things. Yeah, I live under a rock when it comes to those streaming services. So, this happens to be one of those very strange moments where I really wish that I had cable, or some streaming service where I could watch Chopped. I have to admit that reading the premise of the show on Wikipedia has made me more intrigued about the show in general not just that particular episode. Well, I hope that I have increased your interest about Recipe Archaeology or the upcoming episode of Chopped. I will be returning to Wikipedia to hopefully find out more after the episode airs. Wish me luck in being able to watch it at some point. Do you watched Chopped? Recipe Archaeology? Do you enjoy watch strange food creations? Do you have cable? If not, have you ever had the desire to watch just one episode like me? Please answer below with your comments and thanks for reading.

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