New Creative Projects

So I have been mostly working on non-fictional topics on this blog. However, I have been hitting a writer’s block with topic ideas. Also, I want to work more on creative projects. So I have created a different category on the blog just for my creative projects. Thus, if you don’t want to read them, then just avoid this category. So the first one, written below, was my attempt at a combination between a poem and a kind of speech that you would see in an action/historical film right before the warriors go into battle with the leader talking to them. Hope you like it and if you don’t, that’s fine. By the way, the punctuation is variable and can be moved if necessary. Punctuation (and syllables) was never my strong point in regards to poetry (seriously, it was one of my least favorite things about English class).

To the depths below
We cry an ancient call
One of pounding fury
To which the enemy responds:
Come and fight us.
So shall we upon this day.
Not without fear but in spite of it,
For that is Courage, not the absence thereof.
For who among us lacks fear?
No true man nor woman
Lacks this marker of humanity’s animal nature,
But when we fight, we ascend
To the level of humanity’s strength.
This light we call bravery
Cannot be found among the
Lowly creatures of Earth
But only within men.
So when we go to fight,
Remember your enemy has been given this gift as well
And we must take it from them.

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