Starting New Projects

Recently I bought some old dollhouse puzzles in the hopes of trying to get into a miniaturist hobby. I hope to try to create miniature furniture and do interior decorating but with a doll house. I have some other hopes with the dollhouses. I am hoping that if I need something to focus on, that I could work on various pieces of the dollhouse. This may work or not but I have already found interesting aspects of just building the dollhouse.

So far I have put together the house except for the decorative pieces that need to be glued on. Already, I have put the walls together upside down, one wall upside down, and then had to remove that wall so I could fit the balcony on to the house properly. I have had struggles putting certain parts together. This is mainly because there really aren’t any instructions to follow beyond punching out the die-cut pieces and numbering them beforehand. In retrospect, I have the feeling that I was supposed to follow the numbers when putting the pieces together. Oh well. I didn’t follow the numbers and managed to put it together. Putting the house together was challenging, probably because I have never put a puzzle dollhouse together before.

While I was putting the house together, I couldn’t help but think about how I would probably feel if I had bought the house with the intention of building it and then giving it to a child. I probably would have gotten a lot more frustrated at myself and the family/child I would have been giving it to. I think that it was easier to not get frustrated since I knew it was for me and how excited I was about getting it and starting a new hobby. It was easier to stay positive because I am anticipating decorating the dollhouse.

So currently I am looking at a book based on Victorian interior designs to get inspiration for historically based decorations. I am also watching Youtube videos to get ideas on how to actually do furniture and other small items. Just wanting to try a new hobby is getting me to expand my knowledge and topics that I read and watch videos about. It is definitely interesting to learn new tutorials about miniatures. After thinking about it for a while, I think that I have figured out the theme that I am going to decorate with those miniatures: Harry Potter meets Victorian style.

I have to admit that I really haven’t thought through what the dollhouse would look like with that concept beyond having red, blue, green, and yellow/gold rooms (there are only four rooms and an attic in the dollhouse) but I do have a general idea of what rooms I want to do, just not which ones are which. I want to do a living room/parlor, dining room, library/office/study, and a bedroom. Right now I am leaning toward a Hufflepuff bedroom but not much beyond that. So there is a lot to figure out still. Regardless, I have created a general idea of what I would like to do with my new hobby project. It is definitely interesting to consider the plans that can be made with a new hobby. Have you started a new hobby recently? What kind and what steps have you taken or planned with this hobby? What do you think of my Hogwarts Houses meets Victorian England interior design? Which room do you think should be which house/color? Do you have any suggestions for the exterior and attic (I really don’t know what to do with those rooms)? Please answer below with your comments and thank you for reading.

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