Grocery Store Rearranging

I think that sometimes nothing is more annoying than when your regular grocery is rearranged. Mainly when you are shopping and want to be done as soon as possible to ensure that you don’t overspend. This past weekend, I went shopping and the grocery store is still rearranging the produce section. They were doing this the previous weekend as well. Now I don’t normally mind it too much since I am okay with wandering about the store trying to find what I am looking for anyway. However, when I am looking for produce and I can see that there is a dismal amount of produce out, then I am not very impressed with the lack of progress.

I will admit that I am not a huge buyer of produce. I tend towards canned or frozen veggies usually. However, I do enjoy clementine oranges as a snack. Last week I couldn’t find then at my regular grocery store and eventually bought them at Walmart. I tend to avoid Walmart because I have a tendency to overspend at the store. This week, I was looking for zucchini to make noodleless lasagna. Well, lasagna without typical noodles and with zucchini slices instead. Unfortunately, there were none out. So I walked back and forth for a bit trying to find them. Eventually a store worker asked me what I was looking for and was kind enough to put some on the shelf for me. So I was able to get my produce.

Now, I do not blame the grocery store. I get that they are probably trying to make it more convenient for shoppers. I totally understand that. Still, it seems that as an adult, it can be a weird experience to know that you are irritated by the rearranging of a favorite grocery store. Although, it is probably similar to when you have misplaced something and don’t know where you left it. In this instance, you have someone to point to when you are unable to find something that you are looking for. I really hope that the grocery store is able to finish the rearrangement soon. It would be nice to look at more produce and get inspired for more lower carb recipes. I suppose I could visit the local farmers market, but I have the same spending tendencies with farmers markets that I do with Walmart. There tends to be quite a few things that encourage me to buy them. So I will try to either stick to my grocery store or avoid buying too much from the farmers market.

Regardless of whether I buy from the farmers market or not, I really hope that next week I arrive at the grocery store to view a much wider array of produce. The grocery store normally has a fairly good variety. Oh well. I wonder what I will plan on making next week. Maybe something with pork or maybe buffalo drumsticks. I don’t really know but it will definitely depend on what I have in my house already and what I am craving. I may end up making some more taco salad or Italian sausage and roasted veggies. I really don’t know just yet. After all, it is summer and I am not really enjoying heating up the house at the moment. Either way, I hope to get some inspiration from what is available at the grocery store. Remember I base what I eat on what I think would taste yummy first and what would be healthy second. So we will see what next week has in store (pun not intended). Have you ever gotten frustrated by your grocery store being rearranged? Do you use the grocery store produce aisle as cooking inspiration? Please respond with your answers below and thanks for reading.

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