Listening to your Body

As we get older, our bodies get more opinionated about food. Our sense of flavors and favorites expand and change. Unfortunately, the rest of our bodies also develop a distinctive opinion of certain foods. A lot of people know what I am referring to. This often is found with lactose intolerance or perhaps a strong response to spicy foods. Listening to your body and its opinions of certain foods can save you a lot of headaches and stomachaches. Currently I am trying to figure out my body’s communications. Unfortunately, the signals are not as easy to read as a nice text or email. Regardless, what your body tells you about food and eating in general is not limited to expressing distress. It can and will tell you many other things.

One of the signals that I have been trying to learn more about personally is the hunger signals. Meaning, is my body or my brain telling me that I am hungry? Am I actually hungry or just think that I should be eating? This is a process at the moment because I am realizing that my brain tells me that I am hungry when my body tells me that its fine and doesn’t need fuel yet. Now I perhaps should have put a warning label on this paragraph for some but I hope that the title gives a bit of a hint. Maybe not. Oh well, hopefully you can turn away at this point if need be. Back to the plot.

Your body may be telling you more than you think about what you actually need and not what society has told you that you need. I am attempting intermittent fasting and not really getting there just yet. I have a morning snacking habit that I need to kick. Either way, it becomes very startling how much your brain says to eat breakfast even if you don’t feel hungry. Now don’t worry, I am perfectly willing to go back to eating breakfast if it seems that this is not working or is damaging to my health. I often bring snacks “in case I get hungry” which honestly I end up eating regardless of whether I am actually hungry. Maybe you can relate to either the breakfast issue or the snacking one. I hope so or rather I should hope that you don’t have to deal with such nuisances and are eating healthy/the way your body needs to eat.

Your body will tell you that digestively, it is very annoyed with your food choices. Yes I know that digestively isn’t a word. That is not the point. Your body will also let you know that certain eating/drinking choices are great for different things such as your skins health or the health of your teeth and gums. Your body is very expressive about what gets put into it and what gets done to it. The skin is especially expressive. That doesn’t mean that it is easy to figure out the cause of the issue or benefit as the case may be. Generally we have to isolate the cause or accept that it is a combination of factors. The combination of factors is rather annoying since it is really hard to adjust your life in response. If it was simply just a food intolerance or mild allergy (as in not anaphylactic shock), it would a matter of avoid eating/consuming that item.

Now, I am going to say that in no way do I think that there easy allergies or do I think that allergies are not serious. I know people who allergic to very common items and therefore have to deal with those serious issues. I am just trying to say that it can be more difficult in certain circumstances to have a wide variety of variables affecting your body’s responses to things rather than one specific cause. Anyway, listening to your body and what it tells you about food or other products is both very important and somewhat difficult. Sometimes it is very loud about its anger about what you have come in contact with and sometimes it slowly builds and you are left trying to figure out what you did wrong. Have you had an epiphany about your body’s signals and realized that hey, I really should avoid eating ice cream or no, you don’t get to have the super spicy hot-wings anymore? What do you think of the body’s expressiveness or lack of communicative abilities? Please answer below with your comments and thanks for reading.

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