Poem: What Title Do You Claim?

So you’ve taken control,
You demand respect,
Saying that this is for their own good.
They cry out against you,
You rebuff their replies,
Claiming they are evil,
While you steal their lives.

What title do you claim,
With such greedy claws?
Perhaps emperor,
Or premier.
No? Simply minister perhaps?
A minister for your
Secular crusade,
And veneered tyranny.

You silence their champions,
With snake-like flair,
To destroy their ambitions,
At a freeing world.
You ignore their calls,
For clarity and truth.
Some honesty and understanding,
Is all they ask of you.
Yet you strike them down,
With your willing hyenas.

So what title,
Will they bestow,
Upon such a figure,
Of control, misery, and destruction?

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