Cooking in Casserole Dishes

Perhaps I should start out by stating that I love my ceramic casserole dishes. I love that you can cook in them and then when they cool down enough, I can put them directly into the refrigerator without having to get out another container. While I only have two casserole dishes, I am longing for another one. If only I could figure out where to put it. Sigh… Anyway, I pretty much have at least one casserole dish being used on a regular basis. I eat a piece of egg casserole most days. Side note, the egg casserole is made with mostly egg whites to cut down on cholesterol. Back to the casseroles.

So I generally have at least one of my casserole dishes being used. What happens to the other one? Well, it could be any number of things. For example, I recently made a cherry dump cake flavored with a little bit of brandy in the other casserole. Right now however, I am trying something that I have never made from scratch nor in a casserole. A deep dish pizza. For those who don’t know, a deep dish pizza is a pizza made with a deep crust that allows you to fill it with a chunky sauce and lots of toppings with cheese. I feel that this gives perhaps the greatest clue to where I grew up since this style is called Chicago style pizza. Recently I have been having a craving for deep dish pizza and it can be really hard to get this style of pizza where I am at. So making it myself seems to be the answer.

Now I have never made a pizza from scratch and perhaps I should mention that I don’t plan on making a chunky sauce. I made a quick pizza dough from a recipe I found online. Then I added tomato sauce and promptly forgot to add herbs. Sigh again…. I then added mozzarella and pepperoni that I got at a local grocery store and I mean local, not a big box store. Therefore, I am hoping the better quality cheese and meat will help hide the sauce. We shall see since it needs to cool down first. This may not turn out well but I am optimistic. Well it will shortly be time to eat. What do you like to cook in a casserole? What is the most unusual thing that you have cooked in a casserole? Please answer below with your comments and thanks for reading.

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