Poem: Hey Verdant Morn

Hey verdant morn,
Is this what you asked for,
Are you proud of your war,
Fought in the streets and suburbia?
Do you see the destruction wrought,
And the innocence lost?
Far worse than the depths of hell,
For the bystanders caught in the violent net,
That we call this search of glory,
And superiority.
Shall you believe that you are better,
For admitting your faults,
Or perhaps that your process,
Is inherently greater than others?
You think the other side to be evil,
Spawns of a devilish being,
While they believe you to be misguided.
What is the resolution that you desire,
The milestones to celebrate,
And the goals to reach for?
To what end will this chaos,
Bring the world?

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