Poem: Ode to the Daisy Pushers

Let’s speak of the daisy pushers,
Those who have fallen before,
To form the path in front of us.
Those of the earth,
Once risen with the day,
Now in eternal sleep,
Keep the tomes of the unknown,
From those who stay awake.
They lend to you wisdom,
And the fleeting knowledge of the end.
Many have traversed their path,
Rather few have come back,
From the journey with Anubis,
And the visitation of Osiris.
So we remember many,
And often forget even more,
Within their homes of rowed stone.
Sometimes its wood that marks,
The residences of their souls,
While others’ essences roam freely,
To commune with the visible.
Even more have no signpost,
To remark where they stay,
The aftermath of strong emotions,
Or solitary release.
So let us recall the daisy pushers,
Those path makers of the world we walk.

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