Poem: Enjoy the Rise and Fall of the Bow

Dancers, we see,
Connected all are we,
Singing through the streets and screens.
Let us applaud the heroes,
Walking through our lives.
Money may be tight,
Don’t let your heart grow the same.
Tip your hat and say grace.
We’ll make our way through.
The light will come again.
Dance within your walls,
Pick up the pen or another tool,
To wile away the hours.
Look up at the stars,
Let the breeze blow through.
Whistle an old beloved tune,
To hold up your spirits.
As the violin plays a ballad,
Enjoy the rise and fall of the bow.
This too will pass,
We shall return to a stable floor,
Presences disappearing once more,
Passing us bye,
So yet remember the knowledge that ye possess,
One of others, actions, impulses, more.
That as humans we cannot do with,
And cannot do without,
A touch or whisper of each other.
Hold on and don’t yet let go.

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