For the New Year

I wish everyone a happy and fruitful New Year and new decade. Thank you all for reading my posts and liking them. I am currently working on what I want my new year and decade to look like. The past decade is wild to think about. So much has changed since 2010. From high school to college and beyond, many stages have occurred in the past decade. I wonder what will change for me by 2030. This post won’t be very long but I did want to make sure that I said something about the new year. I know that many people make New Year Resolutions. I don’t know if I will make resolutions. For now, I am mainly planning some stages through the year. I hope to continue posting as close to every week as possible (I missed two weeks last year). Sorry if my post sounds random but I think that at the beginning of a new year we tend to try to take stock of the last year. With this being the start of a new decade, there is even more to go through and process so my mind isn’t quite together yet. So what do you have planned for this year or decade? What resolutions do you have, if you have them and are willing to share? Again any comments and replies are welcome and thanks for reading this. It is truly special to know that people appreciate my work enough to read it.

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