Part 2 to Motivation to Cook

Last week I wrote about taking advantage of ambition. This week is more about how you may have very little ambition but somehow get food made anyway. This post is probably not going to be as long as the last one but a continuation none the less. In that post I mentioned how I found out of nowhere the desire to cook an awesome pasta. This past weekend was a bit different. I had no ambition but I found myself making a lot of food regardless. I made a lot of food based on the weather and what I felt like eating.

On Saturday mornings, I go grocery shopping and I intended to make a couple of foods. However, I lost a lot of energy and enthusiasm after an hour of trying on shoes at a new store in my area. I was looking for tennis shoes and I can be really particular about how my shoes feel. I tend to work my shoes until they are completely gone and want really comfortable shoes. Unfortunately, this means that I tend to take a really long time trying on shoes and can sometimes get frustrated with the shopping trip. Sorry for the slight deviation, long side note short, I lost nearly all of my enthusiasm on Saturday after that. I was doing my laundry and planning on just popping a pizza into the oven. However, the weather this past weekend has been ridiculously cold compared to what it was earlier in the week. So I was much more in the mood for soup. This made me think of chili.

Somehow I managed to convince myself to make not only chili, but also macaroni and cheese and cornbread (Jiffy mix, not from scratch). Well, I should mention that my chili was not really chili but a soup that shared a lot of the same ingredients, including chili beans. Again, I have no idea why I thought that making three different dishes was going to be okay with my lack of ambition. Regardless, my desire for warming and comforting soup on a cold and eventually rainy day won out over my initial inclination to make a frozen pizza. I sort of mindlessly decided that I wanted chili and then thought about how my family will sometimes make cornbread and mac and cheese to go with chili. I then decided to finally make the cornbread that I had been thinking about making for a while. Did you notice the pattern? I really didn’t think very much at all about what I was going to make. I just sort of decided, well since I need to make milk for the cornbread, I will just use up some more with the boxes of mac and cheese that I have. Side note, I use dry milk instead of regular milk because I am in fear of my milk going sour and chunky before I can use it up since I really don’t drink it that much unless I am eating a dessert. Anyhow, I found myself eating dinner and realizing that I had gone from thinking about maybe making a pizza because I really didn’t feel like doing anything to consuming chili, cornbread, and macaroni. I did that pretty much on autopilot. I really didn’t put much thought into what I decided on making.

Besides taking advantage of temporary ambition, sometimes blind autopilot can work in your favor. It of course can work in the opposite direction. You may find yourself autopilot calling for delivery or getting fast food. To be honest, what I made will probably feed me for a good portion of the following week. Have you ever mindlessly made yourself a bunch of food without intending to? Or have you set out to make one thing and end up making something completely different? Please answer below with your comments and thanks for reading. I definitely appreciate your comments.

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