Greener Pasture Jobs

People generally have a dream job of some kind. Or they see a job and think about how cool that job would be. I think we have a tendency to idealize other jobs and dismiss the one we have. A bit of “the grass is greener on the other side”. This post won’t be too long, just a quick note on the quotidian job. I have a long term dream job or dream field is probably more accurate. However, I am pretty content with what I have. My job is pretty awesome. Indulge me and let me explain a bit more.

I won’t give too much detail but basically my job is writing product descriptions all day and then prepping those products to be added to the company website. Later on I am supposed to be doing a bit more than that, but for now that is the entirety of my job description. To some people, my job may sound like the worst thing they could think of to do for a job. They may not like writing or may desire more variation in their tasks. That’s fine. Other people think that they would love my job and how easy or awesome it must be. They may love writing or they may love the products the company sells. I have to admit that the company I work for, sells some pretty awesome and cool products. I could easily spend my paycheck in a heart beat buying the products we sell. However, that is only one part of the equation.

I deeply enjoy the fact that I get to look at really cool stuff all day. Well at least I think that the stuff is cool, some people may think that they are dorky. Even with the really cool products, I still get frustrated sometimes trying to come up with a short description to get people interested enough to click on the product to read more. When we don’t have pictures or measurements for an item yet, I have issues trying to figure out what to write. I really enjoy my job and hope to have it for a while. That doesn’t mean however, that there isn’t a time when I just want to go home or take a break. Sometimes I want to yell at my computer or hand over my work to someone else. I still enjoy my job and the products I get to look at. It just isn’t the perfect job that some people may think if I were to describe it to them. I am also fully aware that my future dream job or field is going to be the same way.

Jobs and lifestyles are not perfect situations. They may be pretty freaking awesome but are still going to have poor points and stressful situations. I think a lot of people either think that their job should be perfect or believe that it will never be pleasant. Its neither of those but maybe somewhere in the middle. There are still plenty of times that I get down about where I am at versus where I think that I should be at. I still get worried about my future but thankfully, I am self-aware enough that I can acknowledge that I have a pretty good life at the moment. Could it be better? Yeah, probably. Could it get it worse? Most definitely. So where does that leave me? Where does it leave you? I guess what I am trying to say is that you and I should try to acknowledge the bright points. That can include acknowledging that you are learning from your mistakes or someone else’s. If you are in customer service, that may occur more than you would like. Life and jobs will never be the idealized dream we want them to be and they are going to suck sometimes. Just try to look at the bright side. Have you experienced a similar job that can seem really awesome but can really frustrate you? Please comment below with your answers and thanks for reading.

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