Poem: Hey Verdant Morn

Hey verdant morn,Is this what you asked for,Are you proud of your war,Fought in the streets and suburbia?Do you see the destruction wrought,And the innocence lost?Far worse than the depths of hell,For the bystanders caught in the violent net,That we call this search of glory,And superiority.Shall you believe that you are better,For admitting your faults,Or … Continue reading Poem: Hey Verdant Morn

Poem: Path of the Anxious Mind

Racing, turning in a loop,Agitated and alert,Looking for the danger,Threatening from nonexistence,As a hamster in wheel,Trapped and unable to leave,Or a train barreling down a track.Give it another route,To roll softly down a hill,But watch for it running back,Onto its original path.It will try to return,So keep vigilant,And give your mind,Another topic to focus on.It … Continue reading Poem: Path of the Anxious Mind

Poem: Let the Music Lift You

Let the music lift you,Let yourself drift away,Into another world of energy,Let the world transcend,Into another dimension,Of life, death, love, and more.This immutable yet ever changing energy,That binds us in time and rhythm,To the scenes we have lived,To the flashes yet to come,And to the lives that never shall be,Held by the souls currently here.May … Continue reading Poem: Let the Music Lift You

Poem: Ode to the Daisy Pushers

Let's speak of the daisy pushers,Those who have fallen before,To form the path in front of us.Those of the earth,Once risen with the day,Now in eternal sleep,Keep the tomes of the unknown,From those who stay awake.They lend to you wisdom,And the fleeting knowledge of the end.Many have traversed their path,Rather few have come back,From the … Continue reading Poem: Ode to the Daisy Pushers

Poem: Past, Present, Future Lives

Those before us locked in step with those to come,The path may change as time marches forth,But those past pass along the direction,That we take to into the future. They provide us with wisdom,The knowledge of experience,And fallacies of failures,With actions and words. So we keep those who have gone before,Within our thoughts and measures … Continue reading Poem: Past, Present, Future Lives

Poem: So We Suffer the Sun

Heat rising, emanating from the ground,Surrounding, filling the air,Connecting to the body,Liquid floating and wrapping around.Feeling it rise and fall,Changing the energy,Tingling across the skin.Let the wind press against you,With the warmth ever growing,Subsiding at times, roaring at others. And so the sun rises,Beating rays against the earth.Dry fire of spirit and life,Meeting the children … Continue reading Poem: So We Suffer the Sun