Poem: Past, Present, Future Lives

Those before us locked in step with those to come,The path may change as time marches forth,But those past pass along the direction,That we take to into the future. They provide us with wisdom,The knowledge of experience,And fallacies of failures,With actions and words. So we keep those who have gone before,Within our thoughts and measures … Continue reading Poem: Past, Present, Future Lives

Poem: So We Suffer the Sun

Heat rising, emanating from the ground,Surrounding, filling the air,Connecting to the body,Liquid floating and wrapping around.Feeling it rise and fall,Changing the energy,Tingling across the skin.Let the wind press against you,With the warmth ever growing,Subsiding at times, roaring at others. And so the sun rises,Beating rays against the earth.Dry fire of spirit and life,Meeting the children … Continue reading Poem: So We Suffer the Sun

Poem: Seeing the Little Things Grow

Seeing the little things grow, Helps the mental flow, Stand against the tsunami of time and life. The energy moving and destroying, Quiets and subdues, With the struggles of the little things. From flowers, veggies, and trees, They all start as little things, Until they become big. The peace of Gaia, The breeze of life, … Continue reading Poem: Seeing the Little Things Grow

Poem: Enjoy the Rise and Fall of the Bow

Dancers, we see, Connected all are we, Singing through the streets and screens. Let us applaud the heroes, Walking through our lives. Money may be tight, Don't let your heart grow the same. Tip your hat and say grace. We'll make our way through. The light will come again. Dance within your walls, Pick up … Continue reading Poem: Enjoy the Rise and Fall of the Bow

Poem: To speak and think

To speak and think, To walk and stand. Go and pause. Process the world before you, Forward and aft. Questions to guide, Answers to filter out. Society of flags changing, And planting anew. Thus allowing statements of perspective, Valued by verbal discourse, And entertained by thoughts. Let your mind wander through. Disassemble and construct once … Continue reading Poem: To speak and think