Ambitious Cooking Projects

I don’t know how many of my readers have attempted extensive or ambitious cooking projects. I seem to have set for myself a rather ambitious baking project for myself. In summary, I plan on creating possibly six different types of sweets for multiple people. Keeping in mind of course, that I am only experienced in making a particular type of cake, brownies, and dump cakes. That is pretty much it. Yeah, so I decided to go full steam ahead on this. Like I said, a rather ambitious project. So where does this leave me?

At the moment, I have not bought a single item for this project. While I technically have a few of the ingredients needed, there is much to be bought. That does not completely scare me. I will say though that the ratios of treats keeps changing to what I feel is actually accomplish-able. At the moment three of those treats do not require baking, just some chilling via my refrigerator. Those are the easy ones. At least, I think that they should be. After all, I just need to mix some ingredients together. Let them chill and then dip them in chocolate. That should not be terribly difficult. Hopefully I did not just jinx myself. The slightly more ambitious treats are the ones that require baking. They are the theoretically more stressful ones because they require baking sheets. I only have three sheets. Which means that this will either require marathon baking and cleaning the sheets, please no, or I split up the baking into multiple sessions. Now I would normally take this route but there is a small problem and it is my freezer.

So the idea of splitting up the work over time is generally how I like to accomplish projects. In this case, I would mostly be doing the work on the weekends leaving days between sessions. Again this wouldn’t be so bad if each person equaled maybe one session. However, each person is getting a sample of treats, not just one kind. Now everything I plan to make can be frozen. So yay, I just have to freeze the treats as I go, that is not such a big deal. Unfortunately, I have limited freezer space. Some of that space is filled with meat and frozen veggies. It is rather hard to justify emptying my freezer via cooking just for some bags of treats that will not even be eaten by me. Even if I could justify it, I don’t know if it would even be possible in the desired time frame. By the way, these are holiday treats so preferably made and sent out before the holidays are over. Thankfully, some of the treats are rather small, so I hope that I can just freeze those and then see how much space is remaining. If I am lucky, I can just freeze the treats until I can distribute them as some of the treats are best kept refrigerated (they contain cream cheese). If I am unlucky, this will most likely require a marathon bake session right before I need them or changing what treats are made. We shall see. What kind of ambitious baking/cooking projects have you tried to tackle? How did they go? Answer below with your comments and thanks for reading.

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