Poem: So We Suffer the Sun

Heat rising, emanating from the ground,
Surrounding, filling the air,
Connecting to the body,
Liquid floating and wrapping around.
Feeling it rise and fall,
Changing the energy,
Tingling across the skin.
Let the wind press against you,
With the warmth ever growing,
Subsiding at times, roaring at others.

And so the sun rises,
Beating rays against the earth.
Dry fire of spirit and life,
Meeting the children of the world,
Growing tall and green.

With the power of the mind,
Cool and calm the waves,
So that we may relax,
In peace and tranquility.
In hopes of reducing the tide
Of suffocating moisture,
We banish droplets,
To the outer shades.

So we suffer the sun,
And celebrate the stars,
Until it departs from us,
And we mourn our loss.
Then we shall long for its return,
And curse it once it does.

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