Ambitions in Learning New Skills

While I usually write about food, sometimes I enjoy writing about other topics. For example, this one is going to be about the ambitions involved in endeavoring to learn new skills, more specifically sewing. I am hoping to learn new skills in sewing within the next couple of months. I really would like to learn how to sew my own clothes. I have never attempted this nor have I ever seen in person someone sew clothing. Regardless, this is what I wish to learn.

I should perhaps start out by saying that I have some basic (extremely basic) ability in embroidery. It is one of my favorite, but rarely done, pastimes. I have no idea why but I love the intricacies of making designs out of fabric and thread. Again, my skill in that area is basic. I would love to attempt the fancier needlework found in an encyclopedia of stitching that I have seen. However, my skill level and understanding of threads is nowhere near the level required. Regardless, I am not unfamiliar with sewing. I could if needed sew a button onto an article of clothing but I would definitely say that it would be very coarse and possibly horrendous looking.

Moving onto to machine sewing, I can work a sewing machine in theory but unfortunately I have had poor experiences where I have a tendency of bunching up the stitches into a horrific ball of thread. Thankfully in my favor, I have found store bought clothing with similar bunching on the inside hems before. Therefore, I am not alone in the frustrations of thread bunching. Now back to the whole idea of new skills. Like cooking, I feel like I am going to have to keep an open mind and a good amount of patience while trying this coming endeavor. While I have recently successfully made a version of egg rolls, I have not forgotten my failures with pancakes. Cooking requires patience and a good amount of planning.

While I had bought about 6 or 7 pattern kits from Hobby Lobby back in college, I hadn’t really looked at them until recently. My plan is to try to pattern for a skirt. It appears to be made entirely of rectangles, which as far as I am aware fairly easy to cut. However, it appears that I will have to do a lot of gathering to make the various tiers fit together. Now I am not a seamstress but I have a feeling from watching far more experienced individuals (Bernadette Banner for example) that gathering every tier is going to be a challenge. This means I will probably be watching a lot of Youtube beforehand and during this process. Keep in mind that I haven’t yet bought the fabric for this endeavor. According to the pattern, I can buy an arrange of fabrics which can be suitable. However, I will be sticking with the first one on the list, which is cotton. From what I understand, as long as I buy a non-stretching cotton that is fairly sturdy and opaque, I should be fine. Well, fine in terms of what fabric is easiest to start out sewing with. I know someone who has endeavored to make a quilt for one of their family members and who found out that flannel should not be mixed with other fabrics for a beginner quilt since it can stretch. Back to the plot.

So what does this mean. Could I buy a similar skirt from the store for far less trouble and even possibly cheaper? Probably. However, I really would like to say that I can make my own clothes if I wanted to. I want to have something that I made and can wear. To me, gaining the skill is far more rewarding and satisfying than gaining the article of clothing. I also find the idea interesting that I could theoretically create a one of kind dress or shirt that fits me wonderfully. There are so many women who complain (often rightfully so) about not being able to find something that fits them well. Yet, as a society, we have through either neglect or outright discouragement reduced the knowledge of sewing and clothes craft. We are required to submit to the fashion industry and fast fashion regardless of how well or how poorly they fit our body types, simply because we lack other options. We lack those options because we cannot create our own. Oh well. Do you know how to sew? Are you practiced in the art? If not, do you wish you did? If you are well experienced, could give a beginner a word of advice? I would especially appreciate any input about what fabric I should get or if I should find an easier pattern to start with. Please answer below with your comments and thanks for reading.

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