Buying vs. Making Your Own

When someone is trying to save money, an often suggested opinion is to cook from scratch. I understand the idea. You can pay quite a bit more for prepared food than what you would pay to make it yourself. I feel like this is an incomplete idea. What else you are paying for, besides the ingredients, is the experience or lack thereof. Now I have a feeling that some people are thinking that I am about to write a post in favor of cooking from scratch. Nope. Not today. Maybe someday I will praise making food from scratch but I really don’t feel like doing that right now. If you were looking for such an article, keep looking because this article is going to be in favor of buying over cooking. Keep reading to find out why.

I just finished failing at making pancakes, at least a failure from my perspective. I am just glad it wasn’t a catastrophe (i.e. smoke and fire). I will fully accept that I really need someone to hold my hand and walk me through cooking pancakes. I can make the batter but I absolutely can’t cook the things. Maybe it was the batter, but I couldn’t flip them and they looked like they were getting close to being burnt. Honestly, I am not sure that they were completely cooked on the inside even with the near burnt outside. Since I did not feel at all confident in my ability to prevent self-induced food poisoning, all of my previous work went into the trash, including the remaining batter (in a Ziploc bag). This event caused the writing of this post. I had a reason for the pancake attempt.

For the past week or so, I have been eating premade, frozen pancakes, the kind you buy at the supermarket in the breakfast aisle. I wanted some real breakfast food everyday. Now while I consider cereal and oatmeal breakfast food, I just don’t really like them enough to want to eat them daily. So, I decided to get pancakes. However, I felt bad that I was paying for tiny pancakes that wouldn’t last me long. I also liked the idea that I would know how to make them from scratch. I have a bit of an independent streak when it comes to food. So therefore, I decided to make pancakes so that I could freeze and thaw them as needed. Except that the above happened.

Quite frankly, some things are not worth the effort to make from scratch. There is a reason you can buy it from the grocery store. Its because the company saw money to be made by selling something ready made. Now, you may be perfectly able to make pancakes so don’t need to buy them. That’s fine. I will be choosing to buy mine until I can make them without doubting my cooking ability. Even if you can cook something doesn’t mean you want to or have the time to. I want to say that it is perfectly acceptable to buy something rather than make it. It is okay not to make everything or anything really from scratch. I will suggest however, that you try it at least once and are willing to try again. I have made pancakes, failed, and would be willing to try again under supervision. That doesn’t mean that I will stop buying frozen pancakes. Quite the contrary, after putting forth the effort to make them, I appreciate the convenience even more. Perhaps that is one of the side effects of cooking from scratch rarely talked about: that it is worth the extra amount of money to pay so that you don’t have to put forth the effort. Maybe. Is there a food that you have cooked from scratch and just rather buy from the grocery store? Please answer below with your comments and thanks for reading.

3 thoughts on “Buying vs. Making Your Own

  1. I was suggested this web site through my
    cousin. I’m not positive whether or not this publish is written by means of him
    as nobody else realize such unique about my difficulty.

    You’re amazing! Thank you!

    1. Thanks for the comment. I am glad your cousin suggested the site. I wrote this post shortly after my failure making pancakes and was very frustrated at the time. Thanks for being the first person to comment and thanks for letting me know that someone actually does in fact read my posts.

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