Moving and Meal Planning

I have to say that moving to a new home can influence cooking and meal planning. Moving affects what a person is able to cook before leaving their old place and what they can cook at the new location. It can be difficult for the experienced mover. Even when you are comfortable with moving regularly, it still incurs costs and decisions of what to consume and what to buy. If you are moving from one house or apartment to another, then you may have supplies that can be transferred to your next home. However, it gets a bit difficult for the person who has lost everything or is just moving out for the first time.

During college, I had to make the routine decision of what to cook and get rid of during breaks and holidays. During Christmas break, it was a bit easier and all I had to do was ensure that my refrigerator didn’t have any major perishables. However, when I had to leave for summer break, I had to be a bit more creative with my food creations since I wanted to get rid of as much food as possible without having to actually throw it into the trash. One concoction I made, if I remember correctly, involved: rice, Worcestershire sauce, chicken stock, peppers, and other miscellaneous ingredients. It was not the most appealing dish but it was better than the one that included rice, kidney beans, corn, and tomatoes. Yes I did actually eat that (I grew up with the idea that you eat what was on your plate even if you don’t like it). I can’t help but wonder if my lack of fondness for rice stems from that experiment. Regardless, trying to get rid of food from a pantry can lead to fascinating if not the most appetizing results. Otherwise, a lot of product could or would be wasted.

Now moving into a place can be just as chaotic as moving out of a place. You have to buy the general necessities (unless you have brought them with you) and may find yourself forgetting to buy certain foods. Depending on why you moved and when, you may have some time before starting a new job or starting the new semester. This may give a person time to prepare meals or plan out what they may make. Or if they are like me, they will flounder for a bit while getting set up. I would find myself tired or overwhelmed and not terribly interested in cooking a great amount. One possibility I have been exploring is cooking ground beef or chicken breasts and then freezing the cooked meat. I hope that it will reduce the amount of time spent later cooking. Either way, I had to go shopping more than once in a week when I realized that I needed more food or at least I hadn’t planned out my meals well if at all. This can be expensive.

Moving in or moving out of a place can be costly. You may find yourself throwing away many dollars worth of food and having to buy hundreds more. It can lead to odd experiments. Meal planning can help reduce these expenditures by planning out how to reduce the food amounts by eating them to empty beforehand. However, it is not always possible. The realities of moving and the unexpected surprises can make even the best of plans go awry. What issues with food have you found with moving? Have you had to spend a lot or throw away a lot of food? What plans did you have or not have when thinking about food during a move? Please comment your answers below and thank you for reading.

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