Garden Plot and Food

Lets try to write a food post shall we? I have not written a food post in a while. Apologies. It has been hard to find motivation for one for a while. Regardless, the garden and the peak of the growing season is starting to take off. So far, I have been snacking in the garden on the literal handful of peas and green beans that I find growing in my garden plot. By the way, thanks to my local YMCA for having this community garden plot rental in the first place. I would not have been able to garden without it. So back to the food.

I am waiting in anticipation for my garden to start producing food that I can eat. Okay, I admit that most of what I will be eating is beans and tomatoes until it is time to pick onions, garlic, and other root crops. Although, I also must admit that I am not really sure when that is. I plan on picking it based on what I can get at the farmers market. Right now though, I mainly have legumes and one or two cherry tomatoes.

Despite the lack of produce in my garden, I made at least one garden salad, of sorts. I say of sorts because I am not entirely sure that you can call it a salad. It included carrots, green beans, onions, peas, dill weed, and a dressing. The salad dressing consisted of mayo and another salad dressing that I had made for a lettuce salad. That dressing is about half and half red wine vinegar and vegetable oil with lemon pepper, garlic powder, and a couple of other seasonings that I can’t remember. Together, they weren’t half bad, although I will probably have to change out the ratio next time. I will admit that this is about all that has come out of my garden plot so far.

I hope that when my garden starts producing that I will get a lot of tomatoes and peppers. Well, I am not so sure about the peppers as my pepper plants seem rather small. I know that I will be getting a least a decent amount of tomatoes. Which is a good thing since I have a tendency of using tomatoes in at least one dish every single week and when I say one dish, I am referring to a dish that is meant to take care of either my lunch or my dinner for a large portion of the week. So we will have to wait and see for what the garden brings my way. I will admit though that I am going to have to do some serious chopping back of the garden as I wasn’t quite prepared for the weeds and thought that I could just leave them. Yeah, no… I will be getting rid of a lot of weeds in the hopes that I stay far away from any more bugs that want to bite me. I already have one major bug bite, I don’t need another one. Are you gardening? What kind of food are you growing and what kinds of dishes would you like to make with it? Please answer below with your comments and thanks for reading.

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