Luxury, Business and Being Sustainable


People love to be the best and show that fact to others. They also love to feel like they are helping one another and the planet. A business that can show that they are both or can provide both, is one that can flourish in the modern world. Many of the business models and ideas about the world came out of the dynamic period of the Victorian Age. Today we have the possibility for shaping the world of tomorrow.

Many people today look for sustainable practices. They wish to help the environment, any way they can. Some people think that business is the problem. It can also be the solution. Business has a way of changing the world and the way that people think. Luxury can be considered to be business’s sibling. Both business and luxury may be the future of sustainability.

Organic, hand-crafted, grass-fed; these are words that can be considered synonyms for effort put into production. Items that hold these or similar words attract consumer attention. They signify something that is better than something else. Luxury has always had that quality and used it to great efficiency. The best made clothes of the finest materials or the highest quality food are luxurious. It is possible that the best wool may be found on the healthiest sheep or the finest fruit may be grown on trees that are not starved for a good relationship with the natural environment. Luxury is often looking for the best quality and craftsmanship. Sustainability looks for not only the best for the environment, but also for the well-being of creators and the long term success of the product through economic stability. Sustainability, business, and luxury are a trio that will be very hard to separate in the coming years and decades.

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