Poem: A Vision Only Granted

Foggy memory, held out in the air,Hazy colors, lost words, and more,Reaching through the breeze,Trying to focus the lens,To reveal the nostalgia. Books, titles, and more,From ages ago.Taking worlds,In glimpses and hours,Even days and longer,The experiences,Of dimensions and universes. Step into another shoes,Live in another skin,View through a stranger's eyes.These gifts the words give,A vision … Continue reading Poem: A Vision Only Granted

Poem: For Flowers, Lace, and Antique Things

For flowers, love, Lace and antique things. The stories they have to tell, Grasp some more than others. Relax and listen to the spin of yarn, By various mouths and voices, Some silent and others interpreting, Tales short and long. Follow their steps through the past. Embrace the memories, emotions, and more, And so keep … Continue reading Poem: For Flowers, Lace, and Antique Things