Poem: Enjoying the Beauty of Centuries Past

Relaxing with paintings, Half a world away, Enjoying the beauty of centuries past. From the masters of the ages, Step into each image, Dance and swim in the picture, Leap out and start again. Different styles and colors, Still scenes just the same. People, landscapes, and other things, Lives held within a moment, In a … Continue reading Poem: Enjoying the Beauty of Centuries Past

Poem: Welcome the Creative Conservator

Welcome the bard, Welcome the troubadour, Welcome the creative conservator. Holding onto nostalgia with a cover band, Painting the moment, preserving the present, Strum the string, play the bow, Capture the feelings, Spread them forth, Connecting together thoughts and friends, Weaving community, art, and more. Keeping time held within, To hold the essence of the … Continue reading Poem: Welcome the Creative Conservator